1. Game Range
    Game Range
  2. Equine Range
    Equine Range
  3. Camel Range
    Camel Range
  4. Domestic Range
    Domestic Range
  5. Poultry Rangen
    Poultry Rangen
  6. Cattle Rangen
    Cattle Rangen
  7. Better For Life
    Better For Life
  8. Sheep, Goats, Lamb & Kids Range
    Sheep, Goats, Lamb & Kids Range
  9. Human Range
    Human Range
What We Do
To create a better world by developing innovative products that are better for life.
Ashkan develops, manufactures (contract, as well as own) and distributes scientifically formulated products that optimize nutritional levels in order to unlock potential and enhance quality of life.

Constantly research and develop innovative products using premium quality ingredients, ISO, AFMA and GMP standards. Through the use of the latest Nano liquid and powder technology, we ensure that the client receive the best quality product possible.

Products are beneficial to all and Ashkan also has a unique focus on developing products that support sustainable farming.
A whole range of Nutraceutical products are manufactured for a wide spectrum of animals like Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Camels, Horses, Companion animals and a wide variety of Avian species like Chickens, Exotic birds etc.
Currently Ashkan exports product to a large number of countries across the world.

Therefore, we can proudly say that we want to create a better world by developing innovative products that are; “Better for life”.